Services and Fees 



Historical Copy-Edits:

Full Manuscript $150-$250

First three chapters: $50

Premise/synopsis $25


Historical Research

Single Topic- $15 hourly

Longer Projects-  negotiable

Bibliographies- $5 per page


Family Research:

(Birth, Marriage, Death, Census, Wills)

Scottish one generation:

$195 (civil registration)

$225 (OPR).

English one generation: $250


Class CDs

The Other Scotland: Lowlands and the Borders

HerStory: The History of Scottish Women

Knights Templar: Fact and Fiction

Scots Language

The Anglo/Scottish Borders

The Clans and Families of Scotland  

Scots Language (not Gaelic) 

Research Methods For Writers and Family Historians  

Genealogy Methods for the Family Historian  

CDs- $!5  (discount don't apply) plus $3 per order for shipping and handleing 

email me at jawisrwa@gmail.com to order  



  • "I found Jody through the Brenda Novak On-Line Diabetes Auction and she is editing my first manuscript. I am delighted and thrilled because I have been dreaming of just such a s..."
    Delighted author
  • "...your input, advice and knowledge...helped me improve my manuscript to a point I would not have achieved by myself. "
    Amber Fintzer
    copy-edit client